Saturday, June 22, 2013

Being certain ,

The giddy goody happy giggly feelings that you get when you read a good book. Or you read something reaaaaaaally good after so long not being able to. I really do miss this kind of feelings when I get emotional and all worked up by just reading a book. I just can't wait. Haa.

Frosty has taken adorableness to a whole new level when she started to play with shadows.
It was really entertaining as she looked not quite smart by doing so.

Prefer black moving shadows instead of plump meaty fingers. ODD.

Oh on a side note, heard few people are getting married during the summer break  WOW.
To me, for someone to meet a stranger (assume you never know each other) and fell in love and being someone's other half is just really amusing.
I mean, like seriously, how can you know ?!!?
And when they get married, that's just. WOW. WOW. WOWWOW ?!? Haha

People have set their goals that they desperately want to achieve.
And to be married with someone, I, with no doubt will definitely say that is an ACHIEVEMENT.
Or you can replace the word achievement with any other word that fits your opinion.
But I stand tall with what I said (in my case, typed ? ) , it is an achievement.
When you decided to do it at a young age, you got a double achievement from me. Haha.

And yes, YES ! I heard you cause I am stopping. From frosty to marriage hahahahaha how in the world. I can't see the relation at all. Oh goooody. 

When you got such message by a lovely friend, you know, all you have to do is to love back.

So much love for her. Thank you sayang :) <3

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Self explanatory ,

Oh. So. Yeah ?

"My mom called just now, and told me to go home next month for a match-make!"

Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh my hair smells like chocolate ,

Well apparently friends of mine had been sharing this video.
Though it is kinda late, I just feel like sharing and it doesn't kill for you to watch it again.

The best part of this video was when he said,
"You can't expect other people's spiritual journey to be same as yours."
Hands down, that was the line that I longed to hear for so long.
In all honesty, people at my place where I'm studying now are so full of themselves.
It is undeniable the fact that they were born and raised in a pious family is an advantage.
To have someone with capabilities to guide you ever since you were a kid, that is a pure blessing from Him.
You are lucky to have the chance to be raised and to live your life with a solid foundation.
Unfortunately, those qualities do not comprehend with how they carry themselves. SAD.
All they do is judge.
All they do is leaving ill comments.

Obviously no one can change instantly. Give other people a chance to change.
Might as well save your lousy comments to yourself if all you ever do is discourage the people who are actually trying to change. To be better. Booohooo !

People judged. People assumed. People jumped to conclusions.
The society that we are living in can be summed up as a sickminded-judgemental-selfish-hypocritepeople-andthiscouldgoonforever.

Sorry if I sound angry ? Haha but trust me, I am not.
Being opinionated can be taken the wrong way sometimes. Oh well.

I'm having finals now till next month. Do remember me in your prayers and pray for me, pretty people. Thank you :) <3