Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh Frosty ,

Frosty is killing me now. She is at it again. HELP ! 

Anyways, I just found out something funny. Well, since I kind of went back so sudden last month, people were making assumptions. Scary assumptions and funny too. First, there were people thought that I had some problems and sick that I had to go back to get my treatments. Haaaa, bless you people for being so worried but alhamdulillah all is well and I am not sick. Secondly hahahahahaha, people thought that I went back because I got engaged. Like where did that come from ??!! Like seriously hahahahahaha. I felt like they were mocking me when they asked me about it but they were really serious that I had to laugh about it. I am not engaged !! Haaaaaaaaaa !!!

If you are in front of your laptop now. Try this. Put your little finger on the alphabet O and your thumb on the shift key haha. Now you know how short my fingers are haaa ! If you do play instruments, tell me that I am not making any excuses haaaa hhaha.

Friday, September 12, 2014

< A month

Cannot believe that it is less than a month ! Hikhokhikhok :O

You probably knew about this but yeah, my best friend got engaged and I missed it. Just putting it out there. We planned lots of things that we would like to do but too bad, I was back in Egypt and studying for exams. Nevertheless, I am just too happy. I knew about it months ago but as she requested for me to keep it as a secret, I had a hard time to do so. Thinking back about it, she should me buy me a nice dinner for that haaa. Anyways, I will probably be the flower girl for their wedding hahahah ! Just putting it out there.

Less than a month, just putting it out there hahahhaha. Oh welllll

Oh and when I was back at home last month. I did try to play the piano and strum the guitar ahhahaha. I played the piano based on the tutorial I found on youtube. It was undeniably hard because my fingers are too short. It might sound like an excuse or maybe I am giving an excuse right now but it was really hard. I stretched my thumb and little finger from one end to the other end hahaha, mummy had a good time laughing at me struggling but oh well, I tried. Then I asked Afiqah to teach me to strum the guitar, she too had a good time laughing at me. She said the sound I made cannot be compared to the expressions on my face. Why do I have short fingers, whyyyyyyyy ?