Saturday, June 28, 2014

Guess who is back ?!?

Notice anything new ? :D

My housemate is leaving me tomorrow morning. Will be sending her her cab... of course. What do you mean me sending her off to the airport haha. Some of my friends are leaving in another 2 weeks. They are all now busy listing things they wanted to bring back. Most people are going back since they are done with their finals.
Okay. Okay. Okay.


Most importantly, look who decided to kindly come and visit all of us again ?!?!


People are busy making plans to leave me but God plans in making me busy for this holy month, insya-Allah.

Consider the life of the world like a day during which you fasted, and then broke your fast by the approaching of death.
—Dawud at-Ta’i

Ramadhan Kareem everyone :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Certain, yes. But no action ...

We are all certain that death will come, yet we do not see those who are prepared for it.  We are all certain of Paradise, yet we do not see those who work to earn it.  We are all certain of the Fire, yet we do not see those who are afraid from it.  Therefore, what is it that you are waiting for? Death? Certainly, death is the first comer from Allah that will bring you good or evil [news].  So brothers, take the journey back to your Lord in a good manner.
—Khulaid al-’Asri

A student from Alexandria passed away last Monday.
May Allah grant paradise to her and patience to the parents.
You see, her journey of wanting to go back home was then replaced with her journey to meet our Master and Protector, our beloved Messenger and his beloved Companions.

Reminder that hits us hard.
Reminder to remind us that death is very much near us.

The Angel of Death came to Prophet Dawud (as), who asked, “Who are you?”
He said, “I am he who fears not kings, nor can be stopped by castles, nor will accept bribes.”
Dawud (as) said, “You are the Angel of Death.”
He said, “Yes.”
Dawud (as) said, “You came before I prepared for you?”
He said, “O Dawud! Where is so-and-so, your relative, and so-and-so, your neighbor?”
Dawud (as) said, “They died.”
The Angel of Death said, “Has not their death given you a lesson to prepare?”

At-Tathkirah, p.48

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oblivious ,

Definitely a fun way to wake up every morning laughing at yourself realizing you have the same hair as Dan's, specially similar like the one in the Overjoyed video hahahahahaha

My birthday is in another four months. Just gave a reminder to my friend yesterday. She rolled her eyes, laughed and said that she will be making a countdown just for that. That my friend, is what I called quality.

My sister called and I was asked about the baju kurung that will be worn on the first day of Eid which is in another 2 months...... Haha I am so touched that my opinion was taken for considerations though I will not be around during that time. Who knows when will I actually get the chance to wear it ahahahah

ALSO. My day was spent with me browsing through the websites that offer cheap flight tickets while looking at the world map mmhm, oh yes. Hahahahahaha :D :D :D

"Why are you sad? - Because you speak to me in words, and I look at you with feelings."


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Things we lost in the fire ,

A friend of mine just gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy. He is so beautiful. I could not stop smiling when I carried and sang to him. Mind you, I need approval from her Mama (that is how she wants to be called, not ummi like how we assumed. Talk about stereotyping hahahaha) before I sang. Not just any random songs though haaaa haha. It felt really different visiting and carrying a baby this time around and I have no idea why. I can tell, same goes to my friends. I guess it kinds of trigger the motherhood in everyone. It was surreal. Everyone was just different, I think. Hahahahhaahha oh welllllll, anyways, it was time well spent.

Friends of mine are sort of being together now but they are not putting any labels to it hahaahhaah. I guess everyone knows but tend not to care (but I kind of do haaaa). And so, I went out to eat with my friend and obviously, that guy decided to eat there too (some people like to call it fate though ahahahhaha). AND I WITNESSED THE CUTEST THING EVER like what we always see in movies hahahaha but seriously. I saw that guy's face LITERALLY LIT UP when he saw my friend haahahha it was extremely cute but so funny cause it came from him that I wanted to smack him but oh wellllll. Who am I to say anything ?

Friends of mine who planned to celebrate Ramadhan and Eid together already bought tickets. Plane tickets. Each and everyone of them and I will be alone for a month(roughly) I think. I will be the only Malaysian in this building. The only Malaysian at this street. I am not sure whether I am more to scared or sad. Or just both. And now everyone is assuming me going back (feels like smacking their heads off). When I said no, they sort of mock me in a way saying there is no way I am not going back. I do not know how to explain to them anymore. For now, if anyone tend to ask me about my plans and then mock me, be ready cause soon you will be headless. Also, I sort of invited myself to everyone's or anyone's house on Eid, obviously to eat. I will use my "pity me cause I am literally alone" card to its fullest. My housemate is going back soon after she finishes her exam which is probably by the end of this month. Am I not interesting enough that people tend to leave me ? Haaaaa oh welllllllllll. Plans have been made, I just need to be more patient. Yesss :D

Why did I begin everything with the word friend ?
Why am I writing this and not sleeping so early in the morning ?
Why am asking irrelevant questions ?
Why am I doing things that I am doing now ?

Why do I feel sad and happy at the same time due to the same reason ?