Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 ? That's fast !


That's the word that I often utter, every single day. As for now, I am back in Malaysia. Back with my family. I have passed my medical school and I have obtained the long awaited degree, after 6 and a half years abroad. Tell me now, how can I not be grateful for that. Alhmadulillah for that though I did go through some obstacles throughout the journey.

I am now at the phase of enjoying life. Been back for a month and I have no commitments to anything. I am a free woman. I have no classes to go to, no assignments to be done, no tests or exams that I have to be worried about. I am just enjoying life and what it has to offer.

Sadly, one thing that doesn't agree of me being back home is probably my skin. I had the worst breakouts ever, it's like as though I'm going through puberty all over again (which is not cool, at all !) and I am so depress about it. Right now, I'm trying everything to just get it better. It's draining me out and so frustrating but we all do know that this thing takes time. So I'm just telling myself that good things come to those who wait. So, silently praying that it will just get better because it is affecting my social life too (Haa, if I do have any haha). I get reluctant to go out because honestly, my confidence has been thrown down into the drain.

While I'm writing this, I'm also in the midst of filling in the forms needed as one of the procedures to make sure that I will have a job. I am finally looking for a job, guys! Obviously, never happened before as my parents always think that it is never necessary for me to work ever since I finished high school. So that's definitely an achievement for me. I find it quite nerve wrecking though I am only required to fill in the forms and no human interactions at all. God knows how will I be for the interview haha!

I also noticed that this is my first post in 2016 and I skipped 2015 like a boss. Haha probably was too busy living my final year as a medical student. Definitely deserve a pat on the back as it proved that I definitely prioritized my studies more than anything (as if).

Last year was great. Went through quite a lot and so many things happened. And one thing that climbed on my top 10 was my eldest sister getting married. It was memorable as it was the first wedding in our family. It was great. Did encounter some difficulties but working with my siblings as a team was awesome. We just did great as a team. From there, I did learn and I always know that they will always be behind my back. I am just so grateful. I love them four so much.

Currently, I have so many things in my head. My hands are itching to write but I'm just not sure of the topics and things that I'm planning to write yet. So, hopefully that there will be a continuation to this post and hoping it is not 2017 the next time you hear from me haha.

If any of you who are reading this and I do know you, I am grateful that you're one of the people that I did encounter and met throughout my life. Thank you for being that one of the people. I am now here, at this point of my life because of you. For those who always pray for my well beings, my health and never fail to mention my name in your doa, I thank you.

I am so blessed and I am so grateful, truly.