Thursday, February 13, 2014

All you ever,

Shirts or anything with the pads at the elbow. Oh how I envy people wearing anything with the pads and look nice in them solely cause the pads situated perfectly at their elbows. Oh you lucky people. If I happen to hate you, only reason being whenever I wear them, the pads will be somewhere in between my elbow and wrist. The sleeves are always way too long for me. Unfair. My love for elbow pads are being turned down. 

I love elbow pads so much. Ironically I never own anything that have them.


This might be weird as I am ranting about elbow pads. There is a long explanation for it. I happened to rethink and decided that it is better if I only keep it to myself. I could not bring myself to continue writing hahahaha. If you actually read until this point, I feel sorry for you as you wasted your time. Haaaaa. Thank you though :D


I have few things that I would really like to write but some things are better left unsaid. Keep it to yourself somehow is the best thing you can do to be happy. Haaaaa