Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To write or not to write,

To have a friend that will enable you to engage a proper conversation with pun intended everywhere is a WIN. You'll think yourself as a genius and basically, you'll be happy.

If you ever meet me.
Entertain me with a knock knock joke ( I don't mind if you want to do more) , please do. Had been playing this with my brother. We even made up few new one. Super lame but genius hahahahaha. 

Aaaaaaaaand ,

Found a girl who wrote a fan fiction. It's basically a story you made up and write about the person you idolize. Trust me, there are a lot of people doing this and I was amused for quite some time. It's a bit funny too.

Well she is lucky.
Since her story is so good. She has more than 30 thousand followers on twitter and few thousands on Instagram. People talk about her and her story, a lot. She's publishing her book soon even when it's still ongoing. It's not finished yet. So, she's writing for fun during her summer break and now, people can actually buy her book. Sooooo lucky !

I wish I have the confidence to let people read what I wrote. I have a hard time to let people to read my poem. What more if it's a story. Haaaaa

I wish to publish a book.