Sunday, November 30, 2014

Curiosity kills the cat....

You know what is frustrating? 
When things that you were not supposed to tell slipped out of your mouth.

You know what is even more frustrating than that?
When you are SO close to tell the things you should not to the other person but somehow for some reasons you ended up not being able to do so. Possibly after thinking of the consequences, it made you think twice, thrice or more and decided, oh well, better not. When the other person is persistent and wants to know so badly while being clueless, you will end up feeling guilty and selfish for not telling.

Miraculously I have mustered all my courage to do it, to tell the truth, but it did not end well. I felt so betrayed though it was no one’s fault. I used up all my courage for nothing. Nothing and it is sad, it made me so sad. When that unfortunate event happened, you just knew that maybe it is a sign that it was never meant to be told.

Because of this, I definitely should have held my tongue from the beginning. Because of this, there is definitely someone who hates me. Or maybe not hate because hate is a mean word. But that person is undeniably annoyed. Well who knows ? Who wouldn’t be annoyed to be left hanging in the middle of conversation? For this, I feel so guilty. Like really. You don't even know. Only if the other person knows what it is though.

I am sad for being left with no choice but to be selfish and it makes me want to cry.

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