Thursday, November 20, 2014

Magnitude of Actions Affected by Intentions

Well, it had been a while. Nothing posted in October.
The irony, since that was the month that I had been waiting for. Haaa.
Maybe cause what I wanted to happen did not though I knew it all along.
Oh wellllll

Will be facing the babies and kids. The routine to hospital is starting before exams.
It had been a while since I saw any sick kids. I will probably be affected for few days.

Many small actions are made great by the intentions behind them. Many great actions, on the other hand, are made small because the intentions behind them are lacking.

Learn about intentions, for their importance is greater than the importance of actions.
—Yahya b. Abu Kathir

Words < Actions < Intentions

And right now, I am just happy. Like genuinely happy. :D

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